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Michael Mallin : (Commandant Irish Republican Army) Executed May 8th, 1916

Michael Mallin : (Commandant Irish Republican Army) Executed May 8th, 1916



This morning we have an image of one of the lesser known leaders, Michael Mallin ( ) of the Easter Rising in 1916. It was requested by one of our contributors, Dún Laoighaire Míchael. ..And it is Dún Laoghaire Micheál ( /photos/[email protected]/ ) who lets us know that Dún Laoghaire rail station ( ) was named after Mallin on the 50th anniversary of his execution (although he wonders whether there was any connection that prompted this specifically). Other contributors, including Niall McAuley ( /photos/gnmcauley/ ) , BeachcomberAustralia ( /photos/beachcomberaustralia/ ) and Bernard Healy ( /photos/bernardhealy/ ) advise that Mallin's son is the last surviving child of any of the participants executed after the Rising in 1916; Fr Joe Mallin is remaining active until very recently ( ) , at the age of 103......Author: Dublin : Powell Press, 22 Parliament St..Collection: Irish Political Figures Photographic Collection ([]=hierarchy_top_id: ) ..Date: Range c.1910-1920. Published c.1916...NLI Ref: NPA POLF195 ( ) ..You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at ( )



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