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Fang Guancheng, Mian hua tu - poems


Fang Guancheng, Mian hua tu - poems



Fang Guancheng created the paintings and poems in this book. The essays inside the book were created to correspond with the illustrations. The book praises the fine cotton that grew near the capital which was used to weave good cloth and was sold to the regions of Yellow River Valley and Korea, and reports to the Emperor verify that this was true. Each illustration is accompanied by two poems and an essay about the techniques of planting and weaving cotton. One poem was composed the by Emperor Ganlong (Qianlong), the other by Fang. Each illustration had its own title.
拓本。版匡高20.0公分,寬22.7公分。圖文俱為石刻。摺裝 1夾板.
一夾板;十四行二十二字. Fourteen lines, with twenty-two characters per line.
此本拓印極精,玲瓏浮凸,為上佳之本。書前夾有英文打字紙條:Dr. W. T. Swingle / U. S. Date Garden / Indio, Calif. / U.S.A. / a copy of Mien Hua Tu / a copy of Keng Chih Tu / From Metropolitan Library, Peking。知此本為 Dr. W.T. Swingle 得自北京圖書館者.
函脊題「御題棉花圖」。無書名頁。無中縫。有乾隆三十年四月十一日太子太保直隸總督方觀承奏章、乾隆三十年七月十六日方觀承奏章、未署年日方觀承奏章。奏章後即棉花圖及文. 繪畫作者為方觀承,詩句亦方觀承作。考之未署年日奏章,可知當時京畿一帶盛産優質棉花,織布精美,本銷之外,復輸送黃河流域一帶,並且外銷朝鮮。 每圖各系一文二詩。文者簡述耕種織造之工藝技術,二詩一御製一方作,皆就圖而立說。每圖各有標題,可與《天工開物》相參.

The Fang family of Tongcheng was notable for its many scholars and authors. Fang Guancheng was born in Tongcheng County, Anhui Province during the Qing Empire. He was the second son of Fang Shiji, an official of the Ministry of the Principal (zh: 官至工部主事). In 1749, Fang Guancheng became the Viceroy of Zhili, a position he would hold until his death. In addition to this title, he was also granted the title of Governor of Shaanxi and Gansu Provinces. The Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799) was the sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor reigned from 1735 to 1796. During his long reign, the Qing Empire reached its most splendid and prosperous era, boasting a large population and economy. In his late years, the Qing empire began to decline with corruption and wastefulness in his court and a stagnating civil society. High-resolution printable images 7.43MP.





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