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Meissonier, his life and his art (1897) (14590997747)


Meissonier, his life and his art (1897) (14590997747)



Identifier: meissonierhislif00meis (find matches)
Title: Meissonier, his life and his art
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Authors: Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest, 1815-1891 Gréard, Octave, 1828-1904
Publisher: New York : A. C. Armstrong
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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-^A.- COSTUME FOR LAventuriere.(Drawing from Mme. Augiers collection.) io6 MEISSONIER
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lORTRAIT OK GEMirO. IN HIS t-AKIS STIMHO, AT WORK ON THK STATUETTE OF MEISSONIER. THE MAN 107 two sections, the Societe du Champs de Mars chose him as itshead. He saw two of those who gave promise of leaving a vigorous andnoble heritage to French art struck down before his eyes in theirprime. We have already touched on his lofty and stimulating homageto Henri Regnault. At Antibes he was brought into contact withCarpeaux, already prostrated by the disease that killed him. What aheart-rending sight, he wrote, is this poor man, dying entirely alone,far from his wife and his children, his only companion an old, infirmassistant. I saw him again yesterday. He was lying on the beach.I sat and talked to him for an hour, which gave him great pleasure,and me a terrible heartache. There were others, happily, not lessdear to him, whose careers he followed still more closely, and whofulfilled the hopes he entertained of their future—Detaille and Tissot.He thought very highly of Tissots Ruincs de





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meissonier his life and his art 1897
meissonier his life and his art 1897