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Mc Clures magazine (1893) (14762128614)


Mc Clures magazine (1893) (14762128614)



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Title: McClure's magazine
Year: 1893 (1890s)
Authors: McClure, S. S. (Samuel Sidney), 1857-1949
Publisher: New York : S.S. McClure
Contributing Library: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection
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ERGE, THE MASTER ILLUSTRATOR. 415 There was a great rivalry between thepupils, who, to the criticism of the master,added criticisms of their own to one an-other. Their enthusiasm for their workdid not permit them to have idle eveningsafter their hard days labor, and they usedto go out together in the streets of Mad-rid, searching for the most interesting andpicturesque manifestations of the popularlife in low quarters; looking at them in-tently, reflectively, and the next morning,in the quietness of their rooms, unaided by any documents (for it was the rule notto take any sketches or notes), they triedto render what had most impressed them.This splendid exercise of training thememory, accustoming one thereby to seevividly and well the large aspects of athing, was no doubt an important factor indeveloping Vierges talent. Many artconnoisseurs prefer the drawings of Ricoand Villegas to their paintings, preciselybecause these drawings show more thantheir paintings how accurate and nervous
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MKNDICANTS AT THK JKKUSAl.EM GATE, CATHEDRAL OF SEVILLE, DURING HOLY WEEK, From La Vie Modcrne. 416 DANIEL VIERGE, THE MASTER ILLUSTRATOR. r....,_—_.„,,_...„—..., ...,^ a grasp of a sceneJ(^w^ these men have. r . v ^ The tendency fe*.*fSw i °f the French Si^ ^M \ school — the , :/W teaching of all ■Lr / other schools, in (M; ftfl a f; i fact, in compari-/f?iSf l m 1 son with this—is ..*-■ towards elabor-ate compositionsM& (which are after- t« ■ > -T execution with U** the help of the \ ; ..„..-: model, whence it j seems that, with I ,/ , the acquirement i .■•.,/ of a necessary ti %£^J thoroughness, all l\ ., ;;? .J the life and spirit of the thing hasdeparted. So farf ; as I know, the Spaniards of that) period were the; only group of•;*! •* people who culti- vated memory,as well as com-position and academic drawing. Vierge had been casting longing glancestoward Paris, then the Mecca of all arti

McClure's Magazine was a popular monthly magazine published in New York from June 1893 until March 1929, although there was much irregularity in its publication during the last decade. It included the first American publication of many famous authors, and was closely associated with the concept of muckraking.





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