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Mark Irwin Special Collection Photo

Mark Irwin Special Collection Photo



Mark Irwin worked for Convair as the Chief of the Film and Video Group from 1944 to 1977, during one of the most innovative and productive time periods of the company’s existence. His work covers Convair’s premier programs such as the Seadart, the R3Y Tradewind, the Atlas ballistic missile, the POGO and the Tomahawk cruise missile. In addition to routine filming projects, Irwin conducted a variety of unusual shoots such as cold weather (snow) environments at Squaw Valley and Bemidji MN, and in 1956 embarked on a 2 year assignment at Cape Canaveral, FL at the very beginning of the Atlas program...Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive ( http://www.sandiegoairandspace.org/library/stillimages.html )



San Diego Air and Space Museum

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