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March 27, 1959

March 27, 1959



Men working in the aftermath of a derailment at Hybla/Ballyneage, Co. Kildare that happened on Thursday, 26 March 1959...Next day's Irish Times reported:."The main line to the South of Ireland was blocked yesterday after the derailment of a goods train between Kildare and Monasterevan. Part of the train's cargo was inflammable weed-killer and some of the drums burst, causing a fire. Fourteen of the 40 wagons were destroyed or damaged..No one was injured in the mishap, but soon after he was informed by 'phone of the derailment Mr. John Wilson, permanent way inspector, Maryborough, collapsed and died in Mountrath. Mr. Wilson was a native of Arklow..The train left the rails at Hybla, where a repair gang was working. One 45-foot length of rail had been removed for adjustment and the train ran in on this section. The driver was Mr. Michael Harrington, of Railway Cottages, Inchicore, Dublin, and the guard was Mr. Patrick Cassidy..Three fire brigades were called to deal with the fire. The blaze was so intense that it melted metal sheeting. A big quantity of sugar was destroyed..The firemen - from Portarlington, Monasterevan and Newbridge - kept the fire from spreading to the engine and a considerable number of wagon-loads of weed killer was salvaged. Two of the containers exploded while the brigades worked knocking down fireman Paddy Mullen, Of Monasterevan."..Date: Friday, 27 March 1959..NLI Ref.: ODEA12/88 ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000148293 )

Images from our photo collections that show those magnificent men (and women) in their flying, choo choo-ing, and driving machines... Oh, and we've cheated, we're adding boats and ships, jaunting cars and carriages, trams too and bicycles - we're completely shameless. So, basically any form of transport - air, sea, land - with the exception of two human feet...



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