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March 12, 1960

March 12, 1960



We thought this was the view from a railway signal box at a Church Road in Roscommon, and as there are quite a few Church Roads in County Roscommon, we asked for help. Apparently, ask and you shall receive because it turns out this was Church Road Junction, but not in Roscommon at all!..Flying Snail ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/flyingsnail/ ) pinpointed the location exactly:."That's Church Road Jct ( http://maps.google.ie/maps?q=church+road&hl=en&ll=53.352072,-6.237359&spn=0.002558,0.004823&hnear=Church+Rd,+Dublin,+County+Dublin+City&t=h&z=18 ) in Dublin, down in the North Wall yards area. The view is looking west, with the bridge of the Dublin-Belfast line on the horizon. As the signal on one of the gantries is in the 'off' position, the loco is coming towards O'Dea presumably to shunt or take out of a goods train. The Brennan's shop is now an ordinary residence."..And Eagle Eye eyelightfilms ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/eyelightfilms/ ) spotted the sign on the horizon for Smith & Pearson, Structural steel, engineers and iron works, Newcomen Works, Ossory Road, Dublin 3...Date: Saturday, 12 March 1960..NLI Ref.: ODEA 19/56 ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000304923 )

Images from our photo collections that show those magnificent men (and women) in their flying, choo choo-ing, and driving machines... Oh, and we've cheated, we're adding boats and ships, jaunting cars and carriages, trams too and bicycles - we're completely shameless. So, basically any form of transport - air, sea, land - with the exception of two human feet...



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