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Manja Tzatschewa 1919b - A black and white photo of a woman with a fur coat


Manja Tzatschewa 1919b - A black and white photo of a woman with a fur coat



Manja Tzatschewa

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Nicola Perscheid (1864-1930) was a German photographer best known for his portraits, particularly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He played a significant role in the development of portrait photography and was renowned for his use of light and shadow to capture the personality and character of his subjects. Perscheid's work became widely recognised for its artistic and expressive qualities. He was associated with the Pictorialist movement, a photographic style that sought to emulate the aesthetics of painting. Pictorialist photographers like Perscheid focused on creating emotionally evocative images, often using soft focus, elaborate compositions and manipulated printing processes. One of Nicola Perscheid's notable contributions to photography was the development of the 'Perscheid lens', which was designed to minimise spherical and chromatic aberration. This lens became popular for portrait photography due to its ability to produce sharp and clear images. Throughout his career, Perscheid worked as a portrait photographer, capturing images of prominent figures of his time, including artists, scientists and political figures. He also worked as a photographer for the Prussian court. Nicola Perscheid's legacy endures, and his contributions to the art of photography continue to be valued for their technical innovation and artistic merit.





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