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Lot-741-8 (27369114341)



Lot-741-8: U.S. Coast Guard, WWII. Port Security’s A Coast Guard Job. Fields of Death. Row on row, 2,000-pound blockbusters wait at the seaside for shipment to Allied airmen busy pulverizing the Axis. A sharp-eyed Coast Guardsman walks through the rows of bombs that represent future “crosses among the poppies” for the enemy. Guarding the bombs from saboteurs is part of the Coast Guard’s port security job. U.S. Coast Guard Photograph. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Photographed through Mylar sleeve. (2016/06/03).

Large WWII photograph collection made with aid of image recognition.

A very large dataset of various big guns, howitzers, mortars, columbiads, all types of canon-like things - everything besides machine guns and rockets. This collection as well as all massive collections on required two steps: First, we picked a set to train AI vision to recognize cannon artillery, and after that, ran all 25M+ images in our database through our image recognition network. All media in the collection is in the public domain. There is no limitation on the dataset usage - educational, scientific, or commercial.



1940 - 1945


National Museum of the U.S. Navy

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