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Logging railroad locomotive engine, Oregon


Logging railroad locomotive engine, Oregon



Original Collection: Gerald W. Williams Collection..Item Number: WilliamsG:Ford 20..You can find this image by searching for the item number by clicking here ( ) . ..Want more? You can find more digital resources online ( ) . ..We're happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons; however, certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version may apply. To read more about what “no known restrictions” means, please visit the Special Collections & Archives website ( ) , or contact staff at the OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center for details.

John Fletcher Ford, NW photographer and lifelong evangelist, began his life in Minnesota (1862). He became an evangelist early in life, living in Kansas and Iowa, and settled into the life of a pastor in the Pacific Northwest (1893) after conducting a revival in Ilwaco, Washington. Ford was an ardent opponent of liquor, and a vigorous proponent of the temperance movement. For nearly a hundred and fifty years, Oregon State University has been guided by a three-fold mission of research, teaching, and serving the our communities.

This image dataset is generated from our world's largest public domain image database. Made in two steps (manual, and image recognition), it comprises of more than 35,000 images of all types and sizes - an astonishing number if keep in mind that the total number of steam locomotives ever built was just one order of magnitude larger. All images are in the public domain, so there is no limitation on the dataset usage - educational, scientific, or commercial. Please contact us if you need a dataset like this, we may already have it, or, we can make one for you, often in 24 hours or less.





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