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George Washington Wilson - Lincoln Cathedral - The Choir


George Washington Wilson - Lincoln Cathedral - The Choir



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George Washington Wilson (7 February 1823 - 9 March 1893) was a Scottish photographer and a pioneering figure in the field of photography. Born in the north-east of Scotland, Wilson first worked as a miniature painter before turning to photography in the 1850s. He played a major role in the development and popularisation of photography in Scotland. Wilson set up his own photographic studio in Aberdeen in 1853 and gained a reputation for his ability to produce high quality images. He became famous for his landscape photographs, capturing the scenic beauty of Scotland. His work often included landscapes, architecture and portraits. One of his notable contributions to photography was his use of the collodion wet plate process, a technique in which glass plates were coated with a chemical solution just before exposure, resulting in clearer and sharper images. Wilson's technical expertise and artistic vision contributed to the growth of photography as both an art form and a commercial enterprise. In addition to his photographic activities, George Washington Wilson was involved in local politics and was elected Lord Provost of Aberdeen in 1883. He continued his photographic endeavours throughout his life and his studio, "G. W. Wilson & Company", became well known, producing a wide range of photographs that were distributed and sold internationally. George Washington Wilson died on 9 March 1893, but his legacy lives on through his contributions to the field of photography and the lasting impact of his images, which continue to be treasured for their artistic and historical value.





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