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Life and marvelous adventures of Wild Bill, the scout (1880) (14779529554)


Life and marvelous adventures of Wild Bill, the scout (1880) (14779529554)



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Title: Life and marvelous adventures of Wild Bill, the scout ..
Year: 1880 (1880s)
Authors: Buel, James William, 1849- (from old catalog)
Subjects: Hickok, Wild Bill, 1837-1876 Frontier and pioneer life
Publisher: Chicago, Belford, Clarke & co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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tyle. This rudestructure was one of the many sleeping places calleddugouts, so often seen in the wild West even atthis day. The stables, also very rude but stronglymade, adjoined the dugout on the east side. Thearms in the house consisted of two revolvers, oneshot-gun, a large bore rifle, which Bill called a Mis-sissippi yager, and two large bowie knives. After dinner, Doc. Mills took the shot-gun andone of the revolvers—which he usually carried—andwent down the creek a short distance to shoot somequail. During his absence, and about four oclockin the evening, Wild Bill saw the tvo McCandlas.boys, accompanied by eight others, riding up theroad towards him. Bill at once withdrew into thedugout and prepared to defend the place. Comingaround in front of the dugout, Jim McCandlas hal-looed to Bill, telling him to come out and deliverthe horses. To this Bill returned an insulting reply.The mounted party then left their horses and beganan onslaught on the door with a log which they used
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«iyjv w 15 l6 LIFE OF WILD BILL. as a battering ram. Bill stood behind the oldblanket, rifle in hand, and revolver and knife lyingon the table. It required but a few strokes to breakthe door, and the crowd of cut-throats, headed byJim McCandlas, rushed in. The old yager wasdischarged, and the leader fell with a hole in hisheart as large as a silver half-dollar. Bill seized hisrevolver and shot three more before any of them hadreached him. The most terrible scene then followed.Every man was like a wounded lion ; the six othersjumped at Bill like harpies that had tasted blood.He was borne down upon the table, but his righthand was cutting right and left; the blood was gush-ing from his forehead, where he had been struckwith a rifle, which almost blinded him; he cut twoothers down, and Jack McCandlas leaped upon himwith an immense dirk drawn to cut Bills throat. Bya rare stroke of luck, Bill placed the muzzle of hispistol over McCandlas heart and fired. The knifein McCandlas hand droppe





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life and marvelous adventures of wild bill the scout 1880
life and marvelous adventures of wild bill the scout 1880