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Life and light for woman (1873) (14595723959)


Life and light for woman (1873) (14595723959)



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Title: Life and light for woman
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Woman's Board of Missions
Subjects: Congregational churches
Publisher: (Boston : Woman's Boards of Missions
Contributing Library: Wellesley College Library
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snot much of intelligence or happiness in the home shared by Leng Kuang,the vi^ife chosen for the young man, and her younger sister. The namemeans The Lotus Flower, that it is hoped will attain to some exalted posi-tion. When we learned that she was only twelve years old in Chinese reck-oning, which really means about eleven, and that the weak mother hadyielded to her silly boy, twent^^-two years of age, and chosen a heathen girlwith bound feet, we felt that we had cause for righteous indignation, as suchan example as this from one in her position would largely destroy any good (I20) THE LITTLE BRIDE THAT WAS TO BE. 121 influence she might have in urging heathen women to give up their wrong•customs. So we set ourselves to see what could be done, for the time wasvery short, the wedding day was set, and the bridal outfit nearly ready. Itis considered very disreputable, and an almost unheard of thing, for an en-gagement in China to be broken. The marriage contract is carefully written,
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THE LITTLE BRIDE THAT WAS TO BE. the amount of money agreed upon paid, and then, no matter how long themarriage may be delayed, the girl is just as much the property of the hus-bands family as their cows or pigs, although of course they do not speak ofbuying and selling, but have more euphonious terms by which to designatethese transactions. 122 LIFE AND LIGHT, For several days the matter trembled in the balance. There was familypride to be conquered, the unwillingness to bear what people might say, anangry heathen uncle who had helped his nephew to the betrothal money tobe appeased, etc., and the excitement ran high ; for we felt that unless somecompromise was made we could not employ the mother longer as a Biblewoman. At last, to our great joy, she promised to take the little girl intoher family as a sing mo klaug; or little wife (a custom common in China,where the child is brought up much like a daughter till she reaches a mar-riageable age), to unbind her feet, and put her in the





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life and light for woman 1873
life and light for woman 1873