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Lelio Orsi - Le Christ au roseau, MU FABRE 6324 PE D898 1 1


Lelio Orsi - Le Christ au roseau, MU FABRE 6324 PE D898 1 1



Man of Sorrows 

Lelio Orsi was an Italian painter born in Novellara, near Reggio Emilia, in the early 16th century. He was a pupil of Giulio Romano and worked in Mantua, where he became a prominent figure at the court of the Gonzaga family. Orsi's style was influenced by the Mannerist movement, characterised by exaggerated proportions, elongated figures and intricate compositions. His works often depicted mythological or biblical scenes and he was known for his skilful use of colour and light. One of Orsi's most famous works is the cycle of frescoes in the Palazzo Te in Mantua, which he painted with his master Giulio Romano. The cycle depicts scenes from classical mythology and includes the famous Room of the Giants, in which larger-than-life figures struggle against their fate. Orsi also painted altarpieces and portraits, including one of the Duke of Mantua, Guglielmo Gonzaga. He died in Mantua in 1587, leaving a legacy as one of the most important Mannerist painters in northern Italy.





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