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Légion Irlandaise - Empire Francais. Badge of the Irish

Légion Irlandaise - Empire Francais. Badge of the Irish



Mr. Mason has come up with some gems in his collection, and I think that this is one of those! The regalia of a soldier in the Irish Brigade(?) in one of the French Empires must be as rare now as hens teeth. It would be interesting if we could find out the history of the pieces, what era they came from and perhaps which regiment? Remember "When on Ramillies bloody field the baffled French were forced to yield, the victor Saxon backward reeled, before the charge of Clare's Dragoons"?..WIth thanks to today's brilliant contributions, we have apparent confirmation that these pieces were associated with Napoleon's Irish Legion of 1803-1815 ( http://militaryheritage.com/irish.htm ) , and are now held by the National Museum of Ireland. The cross-belt plate is believed to have been worn by a Captain Patrick McCann ( http://www.historyireland.com/18th-19th-century-history/les-irlandais-et-la-france-trois-siecles-de-relations-militaires/ ) , who died following the Battle of Flushing ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walcheren_Campaign ) in 1809.......Photographer: Thomas H. Mason..Collection: Mason Photographic Collection ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Collection/vtls000029624 ) ..Date: Catalogue range c.1890-1910..NLI Ref: M46/17 ( http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000542795 ) ..You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at catalogue.nli.ie ( http://catalogue.nli.ie )



1870 - 1930




National Library of Ireland

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