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Le voyage cvrievx, faict avtovr du monde,

Le voyage cvrievx, faict avtovr du monde,



The 1st part is a translation, by F. de Louvencourt, sieur de Vauchelles, of The famous voyage of Sir Francis Drake into the South Sea (as published in R. Hakluyt. The principall navigations ... 1589) It was published in 1613 under title: Le voyage de l'illvstre seignevr et cheualier François Drach, admiral d'Angleterre, alentour du monde. "Subsequent editions appeared in 1627 and 1641 with a second part, which so far as Drake is concerned is pure fiction."--H.R. Wagner. Sir Francis Drake's voyage around the world, 1926, p. 240.
The 2d part has caption title: Seconde partie des singvlaritez remarqvees aux isles & terres fermes du midy, & des Indes orientales, par ... François Drach ...
Kraus, H.P. Sir Francis Drake, no. 44
Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site.

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