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LDEF (Postflight), AO054 : Space Plasma High-Voltage Drainage Experiment, Tray B04


LDEF (Postflight), AO054 : Space Plasma High-Voltage Drainage Experiment, Tray B04



LDEF (Postflight), AO054 : Space Plasma High-Voltage Drainage Experiment, Tray B04 The postflight photograph was taken in the SAEF II at KSC prior to removal of the experiment from the LDEF. The experiment trays upper, lower and right flanges have light tan discolorations. The paint dots on clamp blocks located at the centers of the trays upper and right flanges and at the left end of the lower flange have changed from their original white color to a light tan. The SP HVD experiment consist of two identical sets of experiment hardware mounted in three (3) inch deep LDEF experiment trays, one tray is located in the LDEF position B04 adjacent to the LDEF trailing edge and the other is located at LDEF position D10 adjacent to the LDEF leading edge. Each set of SP HVD experiment hardware, self-contained within the experiment tray, consist of six (6) fiberglass reinforced epoxy modules carrying charged dielectric samples on top and the power supplies and electronics below. Four (4) dielectric samples, Kapton with Vapor Deposited Aluminum on one side (VDA-Kapton), are bonded to each of the fiberglas modules with a silver filled conductive epoxy. The spaces between the dielectric sample covered modules and between the modules and the tray flanges are covered by strips of VDA-Kapton attached with acrylic transfer adhesive and Kapton tape. Each experiment tray also contain two solar cell modules. Power for the experiment is provided by LiSO2 batteries supplied by the LDEF Project. The experiment was assembled using non-magnetic stainless steel fasteners. The SP HVD experiment appears to be intact with no apparent physical damage from exposure to the space environment. The white paint around the outer edges of the solar cell modules appears to have changed to a light tan.
NASA Identifier: L92-17647 KSC-390C-730.08





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