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Lac (Milk) from BL Royal 6 E VII, f. 404

Lac (Milk) from BL Royal 6 E VII, f. 404



Detail of a historiated initial 'L'(ac) of a woman milking a goat and a mother feeding her baby. Image taken from f. 404 of Omne Bonum (Jacob-Zacharias). Written in Latin.

Omne Bonum (Absolucio-Circumcisio) is a 14th-century encyclopedia compiled in London. It is known as the earliest work of this kind where the topics are arranged in alphabetical order. The work is unfinished, containing only one entry each under the letters N to Z. It survives in four volumes in the manuscripts and was composed and written by James le Palmer (?1327-1375) between c. 1360-1375. The encyclopedia includes more than 650 illustrations of four illustrators. It was acquired by the Upper Library at Westminster between 1542 and 1666 and was presented to the British Museum in 1757.



1300 - 1500


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