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La Salle Street, Looking North from Monroe Street.


La Salle Street, Looking North from Monroe Street.



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George N. Barnard (1819-1902) was an American photographer best known for his work during the American Civil War. Born on 23 December 1819 in Coventry, Connecticut, Barnard initially pursued a career in painting. He later turned to photography and became famous for his documentary images of the Civil War. During the war, Barnard worked as an official army photographer for the Union Army. He captured significant moments and scenes from various battlefields, including the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Siege of Atlanta. His photographs documented the harsh realities of war and provided a visual record of the conflict. After the Civil War, Barnard continued his career as a photographer. He worked on projects such as documenting the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad, capturing images of Native American life, and producing stereoscopic views of landscapes. Barnard's contributions to the field of photography, particularly his documentation of the Civil War, have had a lasting impact. His images provide historians and the general public with a visual understanding of the challenges and human experiences of a pivotal period in American history. George N. Barnard died on 4 February 1902.





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