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Kzazkh & Russian Army Officers Meeting 220497-05 | Footage Farm

Kzazkh & Russian Army Officers Meeting 220497-05 | Footage Farm



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[1912 - Kzazkh & Russian Army Officers Meeting]
01:20:42 Army officers walking toward camera seen thru wooden gate in ornate fence. Salute, pose in front of large brick building. Slow pan across standing in overcoats & gloves.
01:21:35 MS Panning across Russian & Kazakh officers.
01:22:10 Cavalry officer riding & spearing target on post, replaced an another rides & spears.
01:22:21 Pan Russian & Kazakh officers watching & talking.
01:22:51 Two officers, Russian & Kazakh, walk & salute; others walk past in MS, enter brick building.
Moscow - The preparations of Kazakhs for an American war.
Groups of officers in courtyard - pose for camera. Military training - troops on horseback - officers watch.
01:23:19 Pathe End title.
Military Diplomacy; Training; 1910s;



1908 - 1918


Romanov Empire - Империя Романовых

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