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Kirsti Rautiainen and Erkki Tuomioja

Kirsti Rautiainen and Erkki Tuomioja



Tesvisio, 1957-1965, the first television channel in Finland. Game show under way. Cameraman Pehr Snellman, presenter Mrs Kirsti Rautiainen and competitor, young Erkki Tuomioja. The 16-year-old Erkki Tuomioja won the game in 1963. Mr Tuomioja later became a prominent politician and minister. ..Finnish Broadcasting Company bought Tamvisio in 1964 and Tesvisio in 1965 and together the channels merged as Yle TV2. . .Tesvisio. "Tupla tai kuitti" -tietokilpailu. Kuvaaja Pehr Snellman, kilpailun vetäjä Kirsti Rautiainen ja kilpailija Erkki Tuomioja...Tiedätkö jotain tästä kuvasta? Jätä kommentti tai ota yhteyttä sähköpostitse: flickr@yle.fi..Tutustu Ylen arkistosisältöihin: www.yle.fi/elavaarkisto ( http://www.yle.fi/elavaarkisto ) ..Fler skatter från Yles arkiv: svenska.yle.fi/arkivet ( http://svenska.yle.fi/arkivet ) ..More about Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company: yle.fi/yleisradio/about-yle/this-is-yle ( http://yle.fi/yleisradio/about-yle/this-is-yle )

Yleisradio Oy (Finnish), also known as Rundradion (Swedish) or the Finnish Broadcasting Company (English), abbreviated to Yle (pronounced /yle/; previously stylised as YLE before March 2012 corporate rebrand), is Finland's national public-broadcasting company, founded in 1926. It is a public limited company which is owned by the Finnish state, employs around 3,200 people in Finland. Finnish Broadcasting Company was able to transmit and show films on a television set in 1950s.



1930 - 1960


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