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Kingsley Plantation, Kitchen, 11676 Palmetto Avenue, Jacksonville, Duval County, FL

Kingsley Plantation, Kitchen, 11676 Palmetto Avenue, Jacksonville, Duval County, FL



Significance: Physical evidence suggests that the kitchen at Kingsley Plantation was originally a one-story, two-room building. Most likely constructed around the same time as the house nearby (1798), the kitchen was made of tabby brick walls and had a large clay brick fireplace; it was oriented perpendicular to the main house. In 1812, during the Patriots' Rebellion, the plantation, which was then the home of John McIntosh who was one of the rebellion's leaders, was ransacked by Spanish troops. The outbuildings, including presumably the kitchen, were burned.
The kitchen was rebuilt and expanded early in the tenure of Zephaniah Kingsley (1814-39). A first-floor addition, constructed with poured tabby walls, was built along the west side of the original building, with a shed roof covering the addition. An exterior stair was built at the east side to provide access to the second floor. The first floor exterior tabby walls were stuccoed and scored.
Tradition has long held that the kitchen, as rebuilt by Kingsley, was the home of Anna Madagegine Jai (ca. 1793-1870), one of his slaves, whom he married and manumitted. Since Kingsley was also involved in relationships with several of his other slaves, it is presumed that he set her up in her own household as per the African custom involving polygamous families. Based in the kitchen, Anna jai raised their children, managed the plantation household, and assumed the duties of plantation manager when Kingsley was away.
Subsequent owners of Kingsley Plantation used the second-story rooms for plantation offices and lodgings. A covered walkway was built by John Rollins ca. 187, connecting the kitchen to the house. About 1866 Rollins raised the east porch of the kitchen to its current two-story height. The kitchen was restored by the National Park Service in 2005-06.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: N1019
Survey number: HABS FL-478-C
National Register of Historic Places NRIS Number: 70000182



Historic American Buildings Survey, creator
Schara, Mark, project manager
Price, Virginia B, transmitter
Davidson, Paul A, field team
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