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Kapp & Peterson: Men/women pipe making

Kapp & Peterson: Men/women pipe making



What was once a thriving industry and considered the height of fashion is today almost invisible - pipe smoking! While Kapp and Peterson still exist they are a fraction of what they once were. I always loved the smell of pipe smoke as distinct from cigarette smoke!..A few weeks ago we bought a brand new Locomotive air horn, the Leslie S5T, with five "chimes" - to be known hereafter as our "People Identified Horn" I just got it installed yesterday and I now have a big red button on my desk. Low and behold after hearing from aidanhodson ( /photos/mise-le-meas/ ) I immediately pressed the button and shattered the nerves of most of the "Silence Please" brigade who were visiting the library this afternoon...Aiden tells us that "In the workforce photo uploaded by Sharon Corbet, M13/15 ( ) my granduncle Frank Porter is fourth from the right, third row from the front. His younger sister my grandmother Lily Porter also worked in K & P, from 1911 when she turned 14. She met her future husband Harry Hodson, my grandfather at K &P."...Photographer: Thomas H. Mason. .Collection: The Mason Photographic Collection ( ) . .Date: ca. 1890-1910. .NLI Ref: M13/8 ( ) . .You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at ( )



1870 - 1930




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