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Julius Paulsen - A semi nude female (1916)


Julius Paulsen - A semi nude female (1916)



Picryl description: Public domain image of an artwork, female nude figure, free to use, no copyright restrictions.

Julius Paulsen was a highly respected Danish artist who blended a wide range of influences to create skilfully poised, almost timeless, masterpieces. He was born in Odense, the son of a shopkeeper, and attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen - where he later became a professor. From early on, his significant skill was noted by his contemporaries, particularly with regards to his portraiture. He had an inordinate ability to capture a subject’s spirit with accuracy and expression. His success was, in part, due to his ability to splice together approaches that were separated by centuries. He was inspired by the old masters, particularly Rembrandt, yet also by the emerging avant-garde.





Bruun Rasmussen, Aarhus, 15.09.2014, lot 50 via ARCADJA auction results

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