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Julio Michaud E Hijo c1860 n8 Ruinas de Tlalmanalco


Julio Michaud E Hijo c1860 n8 Ruinas de Tlalmanalco



Ruinas de Tlalmanalco

Public domain photograph of a viaduct, bridge, arch, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description

Julio Michaud was born in France in 1807 and arrived in Mexico in the early 1830s. He quickly established himself as a successful entrepreneur, opening a shop in Mexico City called Al Viejo Correo (The Old Post Office), which sold books, prints and other cultural and artistic goods. Michaud was particularly interested in photography, which was a relatively new technology at the time. He began taking photographs himself and also imported photographic equipment and supplies from Europe. In 1852, Michaud published a series of lithographs entitled 'México y sus alrededores' (Mexico and its Surroundings), which featured views of notable landmarks and landscapes in and around Mexico City. The lithographs were based on Michaud's own photographs and were among the first of their kind to be produced in Mexico. Michaud also published albums of photographs, including one entitled 'Vistas de México' (Views of Mexico), which featured images of Mexican cities, towns and landscapes. These albums were popular with both Mexican and foreign tourists and helped to promote Mexico as a tourist destination. In addition to his work as a photographer and publisher, Michaud was also involved in various cultural and artistic endeavours. He organised exhibitions of art and artefacts from Mexico's pre-Columbian past and was a member of the Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City. Julio Michaud died in 1876, but his legacy as a pioneering photographer and cultural entrepreneur lives on. His photographs and lithographs are still admired for their beauty and historical significance, and his contributions to Mexican culture continue to be celebrated.





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