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Jeff Davis On His Own Platform



Title: Jeff Davis, on his own platform, or the last "act of secession"
Description: Currier & Ives cartoon engraving from US Civil War depicting Jefferson Davis on a gallows.
Davis has a noose around his neck, about to be hung. The gallows bar has a note reading "Letter of Marque"; the trap door under his feet reads "Secession Trap". Davis says, "O dear! O dear! I don't want to secede this way. 'I want to be let alone'."
Two the left of the gallows platform, male spectators say "So perish all traitors to the Union!" "Amen!" To the right of the platform, 4 prominent Confederates await their turns to be hung with nooses around their necks. [Robert] Toombs: "I begin to feel weak in the knees!" [P.G.T.] Beauregard: "Oh Jeff! Jeff! Is that the elevated position that you promised me?" [Alexander] Stevens: "Alas! Alas! I prophesied in November that secession would be the death of us!" [Francis Wilkinson] Pickens: "Can it be possible that they will dare to hang a 'gentleman from South Carolina'?"

1861 (per copy at [1])





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