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Japan - Schoolhouse and grounds with little folks playing Yokohama, Japan

Japan - Schoolhouse and grounds with little folks playing Yokohama, Japan



One of a set of 36 cards in a boxed set called 'Real Children'...Written on reverse:.In smaller towns, where foreigners are less numerous, you would see old fashioned one-storey structures of Japanese design, but in Yokohama, being a treaty-port with a large international business and the near neighbour of Tokyo, shows the effect of the new impetus given during recent years to educational affairs. The schools here are not absolutely free but call usually for a fee of one yen (50 cents) per year..These school children whom you see in the yard are classified into grades just as they might be in America. Reading, writing, drawing and number work are studied by the younger children; the older ones have geography and history. The Japanese have, besides their alphabet of 47 syllable-characters, an enormous number of complex characters standing for whole words. A well educated boy would need to know several thousand word signs so thoroughly that he could not only recognize them without mistake and remember their meaning but also produce them in perfect shape and proportion, using brush and ink instead of pencil or pen..Many of the games they play here in this school yard would be perfectly familiar to American boys and girls-hopscotch, blindman's buff, puss-in-the-corner, all these Japanese boys and girls know very well. They are very fond of kite flying and walking on stilts is favourite fun. The older boys play baseball just as American boys do and play well, too. Japanese girls are devoted to dolls..See the gay clothing of these neighbours looking over the fence; the babies are usually gayest of all with bright coloured baggy kimonos, cut exactly like the clothing of their motheres. All babies are carried in this way on the backs of their mothers or their big sisters-they even take their naps there..Notice the curious straw sandals and wooden clogs.

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