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ITA 1924 MiNr0170 pm B002



Stamp of the Kingdom of Italy; 1924; definitive overprint stamp of the so-called "Michetti-issue - third series"; portrait of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy with view to left after a painting of Francesco Paolo Michetti (in lateral mirroring) without water-drawing, but with the coat of arms of Savoy in the upper left corner; two-lines overprint of a new nominal value on stamp from 1920; old value four-fold fessed; print type: normal standard on watermark paper; upper inscription in positive colors (colored characters on white background); postmarked

- overprint type I: The bar area with the four fesses has a hight of 3.8 mm.
- overprint type II: The bar area with the four fesses has a hight of 2.8 mm. (or another hight as 3.8 mm)
Stamp: Michel: No. 170II (= No. 186 from 1923 with overprint); Yvert et Tellier: No. 131 (= No. 144 with overprint)
Color: azure to blue
Watermark: Italy No. 1 (crown)
Nominal value: 25 Cent. on 60 Cent. (Centesimi)

Postage validity: from February 1925 until 31 December 1925 date QS:P,+1925-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P580,+1925-02-00T00:00:00Z/10,P582,+1925-12-31T00:00:00Z/11
Stamp picture size (printed area): 22.0 x 18.0 mm





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