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Interstate medical journal (1909) (14781507604)


Interstate medical journal (1909) (14781507604)



Identifier: interstatemedica1619unse (find matches)
Title: Interstate medical journal
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Subjects: Medicine
Publisher: St. Louis, : Interstate Medical Journal
Contributing Library: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Historical Medical Library
Digitizing Sponsor: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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ere is enough material athand from which many interesting conclusions may be drawn! In fact, to practice with good results the dictum Know thyself, andto study ones own mental state, a preliminary education and consider-able training, derived from a deep study of physiology, medicine andphysiological psychology, are necessary. Above all there should be acomplete separation of all preconceived ideas from the researches; biasshould be relegated, and theories and systems tabooed. All that is neces-sary is to limit oneself to rigorous observation of facts by eliminatingtentative application; in a word, remain, so to say, a simple cinemato-graphic .register for mental facts. This study has engaged the attentionof M. Beaunis for some time. At the Congress of Psychology, held atRome in 1905, he read a paper La Nuit psychique; une forme rudi-inentaire de la pensee (The Psychic Night; a Rudimentary Form ofThought), which at the time attracted considerable notice. 224 INTERSTATE MEDICAL JOURNAL
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The sham operation. HISTORICAL NOTES. THE SHAM OPERATION. If the many pictures depicting medical subjects by the Dutch mastersare taken as a criterion of what medicine really was in the seventeenthcentury, we, the inheritors of that centurys savants, ought not hark backto that period, when we wish to prate to those outside the profession, ofthe past glories of the art of healing. For according to Jan Steenspictorial representations—and he, by the way, of all the Little DutchMasters was the progenitor of the largest number of paintings depictingmedical subjects,—we learn how utterly deficient was medicine at thattime of all those adjuncts, namely, correct diagnosis, proper therapeusisand scientific surgical treatment, which modern physicians prize sohighly, and without which we fear medicine to-day would not be thescience it is. Of course due allowance must be made for the vividimagination of so talented a painter of daily scenes as was Jan Steen,but even when this is deducted from





The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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