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Initial 'E' (xceptionis) from BL Royal 10 A VIII, f. 6

Initial 'E' (xceptionis) from BL Royal 10 A VIII, f. 6



Initial 'E'(xceptionis) at the beginning of the prologue of Ivo of Chartres' Panormie, showing damage sustained in the fire of 1731 at Ashburnham House, Westminster. Image taken from f. 6 of Formula of confession, beginning, 'Confiteor tibi, domine, pater celi et terre' (f. ii), Ceremony of profession, beginning, 'Ad canonicum regularem faciendum' (f. 1), the rule of St Augustine (f. 1v), various chronological computations, beginning, 'Secundum hebraicam veritatem' (f. 4v), notes on the seven ages of the world, the six ages of man, the ten names of the deity, cardinal and ordinal numbers (ff. 4v-5), De corpore et sanguine domini (ff. 5-6), Panormia (index Panormie, Pannormia) (ff. 6-112v), Sermons of Ivo of Chartres, imperfect at the beginning (ff. 114-148v), Constitutions of the Council of Westminster in 1127 (ff. 148v-149), Apocryphal epistle of Pontius Pilate to the Emperor Claudius (f. 149v-150v), Latin names of the winds with English eqivalents, epigram on a hermaphrodite, medical verses (f. 150v). Written in Latin.



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