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Image from page 21 of "Artists and engravers of British and American book plates - a book of reference for book plate and print collectors" (1897)


Image from page 21 of "Artists and engravers of British and American book plates - a book of reference for book plate and print collectors" (1897)



Identifier: artistsengravers00finc
Title: Artists and engravers of British and American book plates : a book of reference for book plate and print collectors
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Authors: Fincham, H. W. (Henry Walter)
Subjects: Bookplates, English Bookplates, American
Publisher: London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Research Institute

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and disappearance of the decoration of the bookplate which had been so rich and varied up to the close of the last century, and the origin ofthe ghastly plain armorial or stationer style which became practically universal until within afew years ago. It is only during the last thirty years or so that artistic book plates are again beingdesigned, and again being signed by the artists themselves. One may call to mind many signatures upon book plates of the present day which areclearly those of shopkeepers who seem anxious to pose as artistic engravers. On the otherhand, such names as Sherborn, Eve, Monk, French, Hopson, and others give evidence thatthe best modern masters of the graver and the etching needle deign to turn some of their bestefforts to the production of the book plate. While for designs which are reproduced by thevarious photographic processes we have such artists as H. S. Marks, R.A., T. G. Jackson, R.A.,E. A. Abbey, A.R.A., R. Anning Bell, Walter Crane, and many others.
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BY W. HENSHAW. THE ARTISTS AND ENGRAVERS OF BRITISH AND AMERICAN BOOK PLATES With a List of the Plates they have executed The arrangement of this list is as follows:—In the first column, after the artists name, the names of the ownersof the plates are given as they appear upon the originals. Those within parentheses are unnamed on the plates,but have been identified as belonging to the owner whose name is given. The second column contains a verbatimcopy of the signature, the third gives the style of the plate, and the fourth the approximate date. Where the plateis dated, the date appears as in the original, either with the owners inscription or with the artists signature. Artist and Book Plate Signature Style Date A. (B.) Daniel Canon Rock B. A. Pictorial i860 A. (H.) Egerton Francis Mead MacCarthy H. A. Inv. et del. Armorial 1870 A. (T.) Frank Howell J.A. 1894 Pictorial 1894 A. (J. E.) I. VV. Carey Whitbread J. E. A. Del. Armorial 1840 A. (J. T.) T. T. A. T T A ferit Pictorial 1840





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