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Hygrocybe conicoides. (Blackening Waxcap)

Hygrocybe conicoides. (Blackening Waxcap)



Commonly known as the Blackening Waxcap, this very variable grassland mushroom is one of several species whose caps turn black with age; however, it can be readily distinguished from other similar waxcaps by its long-lasting fruitbodies which, once mature, turn jet black all over and then can remain standing for many weeks...Hygrocybe conica sometimes appears in lines along roadside verges, particularly on hillsides or where the grass is well shaded, moist and mossy..Although undeniably beautiful when seen in bright sunshine, these conical waxcap fungi look just as good in wet weather, when they stand out boldly against the green background of their grassland habitats...Blackening Waxcaps can be red, orange, yellow or, of course, jet black. Sometimes you will see all of these colours in a group and occasionally in a single cap. Equally varied are the shapes of the caps: some remain stubbornly sharply conical while others gradually open, out occasionally becoming almost flat but always retaining at least a slight central umbo.





Bernard Spragg

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