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Hugh Rankin - Shadows in the Moonlight


Hugh Rankin - Shadows in the Moonlight



Illustration for Robert E. Howard's "Shadows in the Moonlight" on p. 467 of Weird Tales, April 1934, vol. 23, no. 4.

Fantasy art is a genre of art that features imaginative or fantastical elements, such as mythical creatures, magical landscapes, and otherworldly scenes. It often includes elements from science fiction, horror, and folklore, and is typically characterized by its vivid colors, intricate details, and otherworldly themes. Fantasy art can be found in various forms, such as paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and digital art. It has been a popular genre throughout history, with some of the earliest examples dating back to ancient civilizations. In modern times, fantasy art has gained a large following in the entertainment industry, particularly in the fields of video games, film, and literature. Many fantasy artists draw inspiration from real-life mythology and folklore, while others create entirely new worlds and creatures. Some of the most famous fantasy artists include J.R.R. Tolkien, who illustrated his own novels, and artists like Frank Frazetta, Michael Whelan, and Boris Vallejo, who have created numerous works for book covers, posters, and other media. Overall, fantasy art is a fascinating genre that allows artists to create fantastical and imaginative worlds that capture the imagination and transport viewers to other worlds and dimensions.





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