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How the world travels (1922) (14776235365)


How the world travels (1922) (14776235365)



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Title: How the world travels
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Methley, Alice A. (from old catalog)
Subjects: Travel
Publisher: New York, Frederick A. Stokes company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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. CHAPTER III STRANGE VEHICLES OF EUROPE IT is not only in the far-away countries of tneworld that we must travel in order to discovercurious conveyances. Some are to be seenquite near at home, even in England itscK. Wemust remember that as a rule it is because thingsare unfamiliar that they seem quaint and curious,so let us try to imagine for a few moments thatwe are natives of some distant land who havecome to pay a visit to Great Britain. We land at Dover, perhaps, or Newhaven, andgo along the coast until we come to Brighton.It is quite a commonplace seaside town, no doubt,but, in our characters of observant foreigners, weshall notice many interesting things, and amongthem are several extraordinary little vehicleswhich are drawTi up in a row along the parade. What can they be, these tiny carriages, eachwith its wheels, shafts, and box-seat complete?Then we see that instead of a pony or donkey,the little conveyances are drawn by shaggy, long-horned goats. 21 22 HOW THE WORLD TRAVELS
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SEASIDE CARRIAGE DRAWN BY GOAT. STRANGE VEHICLES OF EUROPE 23 The stranger stares with amusement at thedainty goat-chaises as they drive away filled withmerry loads of children. Then he travels up toLondon and goes for a stroll in one of the poorerdistricts of the great city. It is a Bank Holiday perhaps, or a fine Satur-day in the summer-time, and the costermongersare off in their donkey-carts for a days outing onHampstead Heath. What a noise and clatterthere is as the heavily laden little vehicles trotpast, the donkeys looking so smart with theirwell-groomed coats and bright harness, and thedrivers in the festive costumes decorated withpearl buttons that, surely, no foreign city in theworld can rival! We leave Whitechapel or the Old Kent Roadbehind us now, and journey out into the country,where, in some narrow green lane or on a breezycommon, we overtake a yellow-painted gipsy van,hung about with baskets and brooms, and drawnby a sturdy, sleepy old horse. The owner of thevan walks a





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