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Hoshen mishpat from BL Add 27137, f. 14

Hoshen mishpat from BL Add 27137, f. 14



Detail of a page: threefold miniature of a rabbinical court in the middle, a transaction involving money on the left, and an act of crime on the right. The miniature is flanked by the two initial words of the book, ~Rabban~ and ~Shimeon~. The three scenes of the miniature are connected to the content of the book which focuses on civil law discussing among others the institution of the rabbinical court, testimonies, loans, purchases, and different sorts of crimes. The scene in the middle depicts the smallest possible rabbinical court of three judges illustrating the first chapter on the rabbinical courts (~Hilkhot Sanhedrin~). The scene on the left depicts two men having a financial transaction: one of them is holding a purse and counting money into the hand of his fellow. The transaction is watched by three witnesses one of which has the contract in his hand. The scene on the right depicts a crime with a man hitting another man (with a stone?) illustrating the chapter on injuries (~Hilkhot hovel~).
The text is surrounded by a full foliate border inhabited by a naked musician and an animal and a hybrid in its upper part, and with a blank coat of arms in its lower part. Image taken from f. 14 of Fourth Book of ~Arba'ah Turim~: ~Hoshen ha-Mishpat~ ('The Breastplate of Judgment') on Civil Law and personal relations. Written in Hebrew.

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