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History of the United States of America (1874) (14592794528)


History of the United States of America (1874) (14592794528)



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Title: History of the United States of America
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Authors: Spencer, J. A. (Jesse Ames), 1816-1898 Lossing, Benson John, 1813-1891
Publisher: New York : Johnson, Wilson
Contributing Library: Brigham Young University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University-Idaho

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of hisforce, and by a circuitous route joinedThomas, who now had to sustain thewhole force of the attack. Our rightand part of the centre had been com-pletely broken, and fled in confusionfrom the field, carrying with them toChattanooga their commanders, Mc-Cook and Crittenden, and also Rose-crans, who was on that part of the line.Thomas, however, still remained im-movable in his position. About 3.30p.m., the enemy discovered a gap in thehills in the rear of his right flank, andLougstreet commenced pouring hismassive column through the opening.Granger, who had been posted withhis reserves to cover our left and rear,arrived upon the field at this criticalmoment. Thomas pointed out to himthe gap through which the enemy wasdebouching, when quick as thought hethrew upon it Steadmans brigade ofcavalry, and broke the enemy. Weheld the gap, but the rebels again andagain tried to retake it. Aboutsunset, they made their lastcharge, when our men, being out ofammunition, moved on them with the -
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% Ch. II.) THE BATTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA. 35! bayonet, and they gave way to returnno more. In the meantime the enemymade repeated attempts to carry Tho-mass position on the left and front,but were as often driven back, withgreat loss. During the niglit, Thomasfell back to Bossville, leaving the deadand most of the wounded in the handsof the enemy;* and, on the night ofthe 21st, he withdrew the remainderof the army within the defences ofChattanooga. The rebel loss wasestimated at about 18,000; our loss,in all, was something over 16,000.There were about 2,000 prisoners cap-tured, f Having retreated to Chattanooga, asabove related, Bosecrans withdrew hisforces from the passes of Lookout Moun-tain, which covered his line of suppliesfrom Bridgeport. These were immedi-ately occupied by the troops of Bragg,who also sent a cavalry force across the * Secession critics are very energetic in denouncingBraggs inactivity and neglect in pursuing our armyin its retreat. According to them, it would have





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