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High life at midnight

High life at midnight



Print shows a street scene: five upper class men and women returning home after an evening of entertainment are attacked by a group of lower class men armed with staffs intent on robbery. One of the well dressed men has received a blow to the head and has fallen to the ground where he is attended to by one of the women. One of the rogues is stabbed in the chest with a sword by another of the well dressed men; during this commotion a pickpocket calmly helps himself to the contents of the man's pocket. In the background, a woman is climbing out a window into her lover's arms and receives an accidental dousing with the contents of a chamber pot from the window above by her husband, wearing the horns of cuckoldry, when his attention is diverted by the altercation taking place nearby in the street.
Publish'd according to Act of Parliament, Sepr. 1st 1769.
Price 1s, but given Gratis to the Purchasers of the Court Miscellany.
Includes 8 lines of verse: With Joy and Satisfaction bless'd / The Innocent retire to rest, / ... / Not so the Sons of Riot live, / ... / Diseases, Quarrels, Death ensues.
Forms part of: British Cartoon Prints Collection (Library of Congress).





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