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Henry Ossawa Tanner - Fishermen at Sea


Henry Ossawa Tanner - Fishermen at Sea



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Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937) was an American painter and the first African American artist to achieve international recognition. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, into a family of abolitionist and religious parents. His father was a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and his mother was a former slave. Tanner attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and later studied at the Académie Julian in Paris, where he settled permanently. He became known for his realistic paintings of biblical scenes, landscapes and portraits. His work often featured black subjects, which was unusual at the time. Tanner's most famous works include 'The Banjo Lesson', 'The Thankful Poor' and 'The Resurrection of Lazarus'. He won numerous awards and exhibited his work in major galleries and museums around the world. Tanner's legacy continues to inspire artists and art lovers today. His contributions to the art world and his representation of black subjects in his paintings have had a significant impact on art history.






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