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[He won't let go.  A cleverer crow than the bird of Aesop's fable]


[He won't let go. A cleverer crow than the bird of Aesop's fable]



A fox labeled "Eastern Democrat" looks up at a crow, William Jennings Bryan, perched on a branch of a tree identified as "Denver Convention" holding a piece of cheese in his beak, marked "Nomination."
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Signed, lower right: J.S. PUGHE.
Stamped on verso: Keppler & Schwarzmann, "Puck" Apr. 28 1908 New York
Stamped on verso: Overlay Dep't. P.M. Frid May 1 1908.
Title from Puck.
Bequest and gift; Caroline and Erwin Swann; 1974; (DLC/PP-1974:232.1643)
In 1908, William Jennings Bryan was recommended by party members as the Democratic presidential nominee. Although very popular in the south and the west, many eastern Democrats opposed his nomination, citing both his two previous losses (1896 and 1900) and his newly formed radical ideas as reasons. The cartoon appeared before the Denver nominating convention, at a time when Bryan was making it clear that he would like to be chosen for the nomination. Pughe cleverly parodies Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Crow" to tell the story, but warns us that unlike Aesop's crow who dropped the cheese, this crow being more clever, will probably keep it, referring to the nomination.
Published in: Puck, May 13, 1908.
Exhibited: Library of Congress, "They Made Them Laugh and Wince and Worry," 1980.





Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909, artist




Library of Congress

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