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Hawes House, 506 East Leigh Street, Richmond, Independent City, VA

Hawes House, 506 East Leigh Street, Richmond, Independent City, VA



Significance: This house was at one time the home of Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune, who wrote under the pen-name of Marion Harland. The following is a description taken from Marion Harland's Autobiography: "In the summer of 1851 my grandmother had bought and given to her only child a house which was to be our home as long as we remained a resident family in Richmond...It stands upon Leigh Street." "It was a big, square Colonial house, with much waste of space in the matter of halls and passages. The entrance-hall on the first floor was virtually a reception-room, and nearly as large as any apartment on that level. It was cut across the left side by an archway, filled with Venetian blinds and door. Beyond these was a broad, easy stairway, dropping by a succession of landings, to the lower from the upper story. Directly opposite the front door was a second and narrower arch, the door in which was, likewise, of Venetian slats. This led to the rooms at the back of the house. The plan of the second floor was the same." Marguerite DuPont Lee's Virginia Ghosts speaks of the Hawes House as famous for its ghost styled The Little Grey Lady.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: FN-27, FN-28
Survey number: HABS VA-115
Building/structure dates: 1809 Initial Construction



Historic American Buildings Survey, creator
Anthony, James C
Terhune, Mary Virginia, Hawes
Harland, Marion


Richmond, Virginia, United States37.43157, -78.65689
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