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Guy-Vaux & Judas-Iscariot (crop and edit) - James Gillray, British

Guy-Vaux & Judas-Iscariot (crop and edit) - James Gillray, British



"Guy-Vaux & Judas-Iscariot", 1782 caricature of Charles James Fox (left) and Prime Minister William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne (right) by James Gillray.
"Fox (left), with a fox's head and brush, directs the rays from the dark-lantern of a conspirator upon Shelburne (right), who is wrapped in a cloak, and carries a small sack inscribed "Treasury". Fox, who is out at elbows, his breeches unbuttoned at the knee, his stockings ungartered, his shoes dilapidated with his bare toes protruding, is saying, "Ah! what I've found you out, have I? Who arm'd the high Priests & the People? Who betray'd his Mas—" Shelburne, with a smile of complacent triumph, is saying, "Ha! Ha! - poor Gunpowder's vexed! - He, He, He! - Shan't have the Bag I tell you, Old Goosetooth!" ... The background is shaded to suggest night, Shelburne's head and shoulders being brilliantly lit by the rays of the dark lantern." (British Museum)

Sourced from Life of William, Earl of Shelburne by Edmond Fitzmaurice (2nd ed., 1912), facing p. 164. Digitally cropped to remove caption and edited for colour balance.





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