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Greek mythology systematized (1880) (14745945672)


Greek mythology systematized (1880) (14745945672)



Identifier: greekmythologysy00scul (find matches)
Title: Greek mythology systematized
Year: 1880 (1880s)
Authors: Scull, Sarah Amelia
Subjects: Mythology, Greek Emblems
Publisher: Philadelphia : Porter & Coates
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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thletic Gaines.—Prize, wreath of pine or ivy. (Thisprize was originally a wreath of parsley.) Literature. In the Trojan War opposed the Trojans (see Laome-don). Art. A marble statue and a bust in the Vatican Museum. Descendants (see Table B). HESTIA, OR VESTA. (Table B, 12.)Central Ideas. Amid all the changes of time there was observed aperpetuity, a renewal after decay, a triumphing of lifeover death, that suggested some central, controlling,preserving power which permitted changes, but held allthings in the limits of law and safety. By a charmingmyth this conserving power was embodied in the god-dess Hestia. Early Legends. At the time of the Titanic War, Hestia lent her gra-cious influence to the cause of Zeus, and when, in grat-itude, he asked her to mention some favor that shewould accept from him, she asked the privileges ofremaining single, of being always with him, and ofhaving a portion in all the sacrifices and offerings thatwere made to the other deities. These favors were
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123 124 GREEK MYTHOLOGY. granted, so Hestia was always associated with the home-centres of the world. Late7\—The Mystic philosophy assumed the existenceof a sacred hearth at the centre of the earth, and finallyone at the centre of the universe. Offices and Archetypes. Nature: i. To transfuse throughout Nature thatwarmth which nourishes all living things.!Arch., the warmth of the earth that promotes,but never destroys, growth. 2. To remain unmoved, to act as a conservative power. Arch., first, stability and order of theearth ; second, the earth as a solid centre ofobjects. 3. To sustain the life of vegetation. 4. As goddess of warmth, which supports vegeta- tion, to furnish pasturage to animals.Human Life: i. To preserve the purity, sweetness,and hospitality of home. Arch., domesticpeace and joy. 2. To preserve modesty and virtue. 3. Patroness of dwelHngs used as homes. 4. To preside over the general good of the state.Theog,: As pure spirit to convert matter to noble uses. Arch,, pur





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greek mythology systematized 1880
greek mythology systematized 1880