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Greek mythology systematized (1880) (14559595189)


Greek mythology systematized (1880) (14559595189)



Identifier: greekmythologysy00scul (find matches)
Title: Greek mythology systematized
Year: 1880 (1880s)
Authors: Scull, Sarah Amelia
Subjects: Mythology, Greek Emblems
Publisher: Philadelphia : Porter & Coates
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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thys suppliecthe nourishing moisture and waters ; that Hyperion ancThia came in the splendor of light-bearers; and everthat the deities of the night, Crius and Phcebe, broughjforth starry Night. It will not be diflficult to believethat the noblest Greeks saw the universe as held in th€blessed keeping of those beings (the Titans), too mightyto be their brothers, but too royally beneficent to beotherwise than kind. Now, if to this thought we addthe apprehension of the united work of Eros and VenusUrania, it seems not impossible that there existedbelief that all human life was to be quickened by divineimpulses which were to be manifested in the truly Beautiful and the beautifully True. GROUPS IN THE LINE OF G^A AND URANUS. DEVELOPMENT OF FIRST TITANIC GROUP (TABLE B). CRONUS lKri>ni>s\ (TIME). ^ (Table B, i.) Central Ideas. In time all things are brought forth; in time all thingsdecay; hence the time-idea was dual, and the officesof Cronus were varied and antagonistic. CRONUS. 59
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Head of Cronus, or Saturn. Offices and Archetypes. Nature: i. To create and to mature all forms of life.Arch.y productive, ripening force of Nature. 2. To destroy and to renew life. Arch.^ decaymgand reviving powers of life.Human Life: i. To mark seasons and years. Arch.^time in its relations to life. 2. To bring hidden things to light. Arch,, unfold- ing of events and purposes. 3. To assist heroes and to establish the Golden Age.Theog,: i. Father of the Titans (as ruling deities). 2. To preside over heroes in Hades. Emblems. Nature: Sickle, god of harvests or decaying life;serpent, renewed life of the year. 6o GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Human Life: Serpent with its tail in its mouth, theyear; scythe, god of death. Theog,: A globe, encircled by a starry zodiac, or-dainer of systematic celestial movements ; a sickle, re-bellion against Uranus. Representations. 1. On monuments, bound with cords of wool. (There was a legend that Cronus was thusbound by Zeus, to prevent irregularity in themovements





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greek mythology systematized 1880
greek mythology systematized 1880