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Glimpses of our national parks (1920) (14782650372)


Glimpses of our national parks (1920) (14782650372)



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Title: Glimpses of our national parks
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: United States. National Park Service Yard, Robert Sterling, 1861-1945
Subjects: National parks and reserves
Publisher: Washington, Govt. Print. Off.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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is great regionnow, of course, blooms with forest and prairie. The origin of itssoil foundations is apparent only to the eye of the geologist exceptwhere the ice-clad cones of monster volcanoes rise from the CascadeRange, where Lassen Peak still vomits smoke and steam, and whereremnants of twisted lavas emerge, as on Mount Washburn, above theforests of Yellowstone. To-day Lassen Peak only is aggressive, and for this reason Con-gress has set it apart as a national park. Here alone within theborders of the United States may be seen and studied the phenomenaof volcanic activity. Lassen Peak is in northern California at the southern end of theCascade Range. It had been quiet for 200 years. Then, at the endof May, 1914, as if precursor of the cataclysm of war so soon tofollow, an explosion from its summit ushered in a new period oferuption which, feeble as compared with those of its violent past,was magnificent as a spectacle and educationally typical oi vol-canism. OUR NATIONAL, PARKS. 53
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glimpses of our national parks 1920
glimpses of our national parks 1920