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Geronimo's story of his life (1906) (14583745587)


Geronimo's story of his life (1906) (14583745587)



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Title: Geronimo's story of his life
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Geronimo, 1829-1909 Barrett, S. M. (Stephen Melvil), b. 1865
Subjects: Geronimo, 1829-1909 Apache Indians -- Kings and rulers
Publisher: New York, Duffield & company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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fe to TheodoreRoosevelt, President of the United States. Geronimo. PREFACE The initial idea of the compilation ofthis work was to give the reading publican authentic record of the private life of theApache Indians, and to extend to Geronimoas a prisoner of war the courtesy due anj^captive, i. e., the right to state the causeswhich impelled him in his opposition to ourcivilization and laws. If the Indians cause has been properlypresented, the captives defense clearlystated, and the general store of informa-tion regarding vanishing types increased, Ishall be satisfied. I desire to acknowledge valuable sug-gestions from Maj. Charles Taylor, FortSill, Oklahoma; Dr. J. M. Greenwood,Kansas City, Missouri, and President DavidR. Boyd, of the University of Oklahoma. PREFACE I especially desire in this connection tosay that without the kindly advice and as-sistance of President Theodore Rooseveltthis book could not have been written.Respectfully, S. M. Barrett. Lawton, Oklahoma.August 14, 1906.
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CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGR Introductory xi PART IThe Apaches I. Origin of the Apache Indians « . . S II. Subdivisions of THE Apache Tribe . . 12 III. Early Life 17 IV. Tribal Amusements, Manners, and Customs . 26 V. The Family 35 PART II The A(e.rleans VI. Kas-Ki-Yeh , 43 VII. Fighting under Difficulties ... 55 VIIL Raids that were Successful ... 69 IX. Varying Fortunes 79 X. Other Raids 86 XI. Heavy Fighting 98 XII. Geronimos Mightiest Battle . . . 105vii CONTENTS PART III The White Men 1 CHAPTER PAGB XIII. Coming of the White Men . . . 113 XIV. Greatest of Wrongs Il6 XV. Removals . . 126 XVI. In Prison and on the Warpath . . 131 XVII. The Final Struggle 139 XVIII. Surrender of Geronimo . . . . 148 XIX. A Prisoner of War 177 PART IVThe Old and the New XX. Unwritten Laws of the Apaches . 185 XXI. At the Worlds Fair 197 XXII. Religion 207 XXIII. Hopes for the Future 213 Vlll LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Geronimo ..... Frontispiece How the book wns made . . Facing page vi Dressed as in days of old





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geronimos story of his life 1906
geronimos story of his life 1906