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Georges Seurat - The Seine at Courbevoie - Google Art Project


Georges Seurat - The Seine at Courbevoie - Google Art Project



Public domain photograph of Georges Seurat's 19th-century painting, free to use, no copyright restrictions image. Georges Seurat 1859 – 1891 was a French painter and draftsman, and one of the leading artists of the Post-Impressionist movement. He is known for his technique of painting, pointillism, which involved the use of small, distinct dots of color that, when viewed from a distance, blend together to create a cohesive image. He was heavily influenced by the scientific theories of color and perception. - Picryl description

Georges Seurat (1859–1891) was a French painter and draftsman. His large work Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, his most famous painting, altered the direction of modern art by initiating Neo-impressionism, and is one of the icons of 19th century painting. Seurat was born into a very rich family in Paris. His father, Antoine Chrysostom Seurat, was a legal official and a native of Champagne; his mother, Ernestine Faivre, was Parisian.





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