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Paolo Forlani - [Geografia tavole moderne di geografia].


Paolo Forlani - [Geografia tavole moderne di geografia].



Relief shown pictorially.
Some maps entirely in Italian, some maps entirely in Latin.
Title derived by cataloger from title page of bound Lafréry atlas.
Seventeen loose sheets that appear in atlases sold by Antoine Lafréry.
Phillips, 5917
Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image.

[1] Septemtrionalium Gothiae Norway, Denmark and Sweden regions adjacent to the recent world exacta. a description of the forms of the high priest, Michael Tramezini Max. and the Venetian Senate in the next decennium privilege, 1558. James busses Belgian copper fell [2] To the benign readers of M. Iacomo Castaldo ui represents the first part of the description of the kingdom of Poland, with its mile scale carved by Paul Furlani Veronese at the sign of the Column, Venice in the year 1568 [3] The uero drawing of the second part of the Polish kingdom of the ecmo. M. Giacomo Gastaldo piamontese in Venice in the year 1568. Carved by Paolo Forlani Veronese at the sign of the Column inmerzaria - [4] The particular design of the regions that are from Constantinople to Venice, from Venice to Vienna ... new work by Iacomo Piedmontese Gastaldi ... Fabius Licinius fecit [5] De Maiorica island, De Minorica island [6] New and true design of the Brand of Ancona with its six borders. In Venice after Gioan Francesco Camario at the sign of the pyramid [7] Sacra Tvscia [8] Nova descriptio ne del Frivli, 1561 [9] Territory of Rome [10] Kingdom of Naples. At the Star Bookstore in Venice, 1557 [11] Kingdom of Naples [12] Melita nunc Malta. You bring them to the Island of Malta with the plan of the new city where those who are now living in the village here drawn will reside. Romae 1563, as grace and priuilegio [13] Rome. Sebastianus to Regibus Clodiensis in an incidebat plane, 1561 [14] Nvovo et verissimo portrait of the island of northern Malta. Currant Nouarian Doves, Romae 1565 [15] Paulus de Furlanis Veronensis opus hoc exmi. cosmographi dos Iacobi Gastaldi pedemontani instaurauit et dicauit exti. i. and learned. ut aurato aequiti dno. Paulo Michaeli Vincentino. Venetiis Ioan. Francisci Camottii aeris formis ad signum pyramidis, year 1560 [16] The ura description of the nauigatione of all Europe and part of Africa and Asia which border with elsa. Made with every diligence by the excellent cosmography Mr. Giacomo Homé Portuguese ... in Rome 1572. Ex typis Antonÿ Lafreri [17] Tramontana. Work by Jacopo di Gastaldi, cosmographer. In Venice 1552 with [m] priuileg. In Venice, next to Gabriel Giolito, at the sign of the Phoenicians.

The geography discoveries and the new printing techniques resulted in maps that can be cheaply produced. Since a globe remains the only accurate way of representing the spherical earth, and any flat representation resulted in distorted projection. In 1569, Mercator published a map of the world specifically intended as an aid to navigation. It used a projection now known by Mercator's name, though it has been used by few others before him, based on a system of latitude and longitude that dated back to Hipparchus. Mercator's projection greatly enlarged territories as they recede from the equator. The distortion of Mercator's projection is a benefit to navigators since Mercator achieves a matching scale for longitude and latitude in every section of the map. A compass course can be plotted at the same angle on any part of Mercator's map. As a result marine charts still use this projection. By the time of his death in 1595, Mercator has either published or prepared large engraved maps, designed for binding into volume form, of France, Germany, Italy, the Balkans, and the British Isles. Mercator's son issues the entire series under the title "Atlas": "Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes." The name becomes the word for a volume of maps.





Lafréry, Antoine, 1512-1577.
Forlani, Paolo.
Gastaldi, Giacomo, approximately 1500-approximately 1565.


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