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Frost and fire - natural engines, tool-marks and chips - with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller (1864) (14595317557)


Frost and fire - natural engines, tool-marks and chips - with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller (1864) (14595317557)



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Title: (Frost and fire : natural engines, tool-marks and chips : with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller)
Year: 1864 (1860s)
Authors: Campbell, J. F. (John Francis), 1822-1885
Subjects: Glaciers Meteorology Geology
Publisher: (Edinburgh : s.n.
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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are various forms in which ice moves, and the tool-marks of this part of the denuding engine are various, likeriver-marks. There are many rasps and gouges in a toolchest, and many kinds of land-ice in the world. The model above described consisted of various parts. 1. A fusible cone of loose solid particles A ; a talus-heajdropped from above, which changed into a dome-shape(mound y^^ when warmed. 2. A half-melted stream of wax which flowed from tbbase, slid over sand, and marked out a groove in it •^^. 3. A stream of floats, which were pushed into water, amcarried away by it. It has now to be shewn that like systems exist in natunand form part of a revolving atmospheric system which sculftures mountain-forms. Before examining tool-marks, the tools ought to be imdeistood, and the conical heap comes first in order. The opposite coast of Norway is very easily reached froiEngland. A small conical glacier is to be found near Bergeiat the head of the Sogne Fjord. It is constantly changin
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^^^.mai 182 DENUDATION—FROST-MARKS. from dome to cone, and from cone to dome, as it rises andsinks ; it works fast, and on a hot day it teaches more aboutglaciers tlian any specimen known to the writer. A pilgrim-age to see it in 1857 is thus described in a travellers roughjournal: Seft. 7.—Started from Tjserland Fjord, with a man tocarry my traps, distance about 40 miles. No one about thisplace seems to know whether it is or is not possible to getover the mountains, but my man knows part of the way, andthe map has a track marked upon it. The porter said he hadoften travelled with Englishmen, and he seems to be a kindof idle, poaching, good-for-nothing character, so we got onfamously. On our way we met a pretty girl, who asked myman if a certain old woman was at home. She, as it turnedout, is a witch, and the lassie was going to consiilt her aboutsome one who was in America. The man told her not tobelieve such nonsense, but she said the Kona had done goodonce before, and she went





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frost and fire 1864
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