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Frost and fire - natural engines, tool-marks and chips - with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller (1864) (14595353447)


Frost and fire - natural engines, tool-marks and chips - with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller (1864) (14595353447)



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Title: (Frost and fire : natural engines, tool-marks and chips : with sketches taken at home and abroad by a traveller)
Year: 1864 (1860s)
Authors: Campbell, J. F. (John Francis), 1822-1885
Subjects: Glaciers Meteorology Geology
Publisher: (Edinburgh : s.n.
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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markAvill continue like the letter (J ploughed out of the bottom of the curved glen n . It will always be an angle L dug out of a slope. The Voring Foss in the Hardanger Fjord is another not-able specimen of river-work of this class. A large stream flows from snowy mountains, amongstwhich a few glaciers still nestle. It flows over an ice-groundplateau, in which it has worn a shallow bed ; but when itreaches the sloping side of the lower valley, the streamplunges suddenly sheer down about a thousand feet, into ablack chasm, so deep and narrow that the fall can only beseen by looking straight down at the pool* Great clouds ofspray dash out, and whirl up, rebounding, and driven by astrong wind caused by the fall. The spray collects on thehiU-side, and streams down the rocks in miniature falls, whichare blown up again. So the air in the gorge is filled withclouds of spray, and the pool is generally invisible. About* By dropping stones, and timing their fall, the height was made 1100 feet.
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umwr:^^^- vn\hmm \\\um\i m m ^m .rtJ«iK»in KIVERS. 101 noon, when the svin is clear, a traveller craiung over the edgesees three parts of a rainbow about a black shadow with lumi-nous edges ; a ghost of himself, wading through white clouds,which whirl and drift down the gorge like boiling mist. It is impossible to sketch a hole of this sort; but the markwhich the river is hewing out in the hill-side is one whichcould not well be mistaken for any other tool-mark. It isthe same as the mark at the Ruikan Fall, L- The valley into which the river leaps bears other marks,which are as easy to read when the tool which makes themhas been seen at work. The glen was scooped out; but riversare only cutting through and wearing out traces of ice. Theriver-mark is more than a thousand feet deep, but it is a merescratch on the side of the glen in which the river flows. Another famous Scandinavian fall is Tann Foss inJemptlan. It is near the watershed of the country, and the frontierbetween Norway a





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frost and fire 1864
frost and fire 1864