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Francesco Primaticcio - The Masquerade of Persepolis - WGA18420


Francesco Primaticcio - The Masquerade of Persepolis - WGA18420



Public domain photo of an Italian art painting, 16th-17th century, free to use, no copyright restrictions image - Picryl description.

Francesco Primaticcio was an Italian painter, sculptor and architect who worked at the court of King Francis I of France during the Renaissance. He was born in Bologna, Italy in 1504 and trained under Giulio Romano in Mantua. In 1532 he was invited to work at the royal palace of Fontainebleau, where he remained for the rest of his career. Primaticcio played a crucial role in the development of the French Renaissance style, which blended Italian and French artistic traditions. He worked on many important projects at Fontainebleau, including the decoration of the Gallery of Francis I with frescoes depicting scenes from classical mythology and the Bible. Primaticcio also designed and executed numerous sculptures and reliefs for the Royal Palace, including the famous Caryatids that adorn the entrance to the Chapel of Anne de Montmorency. He was also responsible for the design of several rooms in the palace, including the Ballroom and the Oval Room. In addition to his work at Fontainebleau, Primaticcio also worked as a painter and sculptor in other parts of France. He created altarpieces for churches in Paris and Lyon and designed tombs for members of the French nobility. Primaticcio died in Paris in 1570, leaving a legacy as one of the most important artists of the French Renaissance. His work at Fontainebleau helped to establish a new style that would influence French art for centuries to come.



1541 - 1545


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